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Breast Ultrasound:

Screening Breast Ultrasound

More than 1/3 of breast cancers are not mammographically visible in women with dense breasts. For women with dense breast tissue, further evaluation with ultrasound may be warranted to optimize breast cancer screening.

Screening ultrasound is typically for women who are deemed to have dense breast tissue and are not symptomatic (no current symptoms in the breast or palpable lump within the breast).

Screening ultrasound is routinely performed on both breasts. At NCWIC, we evaluate your breast density and discuss our findings and recommendations directly with you so that together we can identify the best clinical course of action specifically for you.

Breast Density Program

Diagnostic Ultrasound:

If you have symptoms within the breast such as a lump, redness, focal pain, nipple or skin changes, then further evaluation with a targeted ultrasound may be indicated. Additionally, if you have an area of concern noted on routine screening mammography or screening ultrasound, additional work up may include a diagnostic ultrasound. Typically, the diagnostic ultrasound would follow a diagnostic mammogram and is usually performed of a specific area within the breast. If a suspicious area of concern is identified at the time of diagnostic ultrasound, further evaluation with tissue sampling/biopsy may be required to better characterize the finding. 

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