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  • Diagnostic Ultrasound

  • Ultrasound Core Biopsies

  • High Risk Program

  • Stereotactic Core Biopsies

  • Genetic Testing


Private Consultations

​Here at NCWIC, we take the time to carefully review your history, past and current studies and all other relevant information as we formulate a plan that best suits you. Our goal is to listen, to answer your questions and to involve you in the process so that you will leave with solutions and not additional concerns.

What is the difference between diagnostic and screening?

Screening mammography and ultrasound are used to screen women without symptoms or areas of concern for breast cancer. Diagnostic mammography and ultrasound is used specifically for women who have a symptom/ area of interest such as a lump or for women who have been found to have an area of concern on a screening mammogram or ultrasound study.

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