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Individualized Breast Health Care

Available Services

At Northern California Women's Imaging Center, we are here to guide and support you while you navigate through the unpredictable path of  breast health. 

"Our approach to breast health care is to individualize, personalize and therefore optimize care. The best plan for your breast health is determined by your individual risk factors such as family history, previous biopsies, genetic predisposition and breast density. One size does NOT fit all. While examining your mammogram, your personal history will be incorporated and a finalized breast health plan will be developed and discussed with you during the private consultation. 

Our role is to guide and equip you with the information that you need so that you can make informed decisions about your health. "


Jessie Jacob, MD, MMM

Medical Director

Northern California

Women's Imaging Center

Visit Us:

141 California Ave, Suite B202 

(2421 Park Blvd, Suite B202 -Mailing & Navigation Address)

Palo Alto, CA 94306
Tel: (650) 617-8655



  • Private Consultation (Risk Evaluation, Image Review, Regimen Determination and Management Plan)

  • Digital 3D Mammography       (GENIUS™ Tomosynthesis)

  • Screening Breast Ultrasound (3D Ultrasound -ABUS)

  • Second Opinions (Image Review, Risk Assessment, Consultation and Management Plan Development)

  • Physician Access (Email/ Cell and Text)

  • Breast Biopsies (Including 3D -Tomosynthesis Guidance with Brevera® Technology and Upright Positioning)

  • Radar/Wire Localization (Including 3D -Tomosynthesis Guided)

  • Breast Density Program

  • High Risk Program

  • Bone Densitometry/ Body Composition

  • Pelvic Ultrasound

  • Genetic Testing (Color Genomics)

  • And More...

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